Maybe My Life IS Hectic and What the Frick is Communication?

I always say I’m going to start legitimately blogging but then something x, y, and/or z, comes up and makes it highly difficult to actually blog. I’ve been working at a law firm for over a month and between that and my personal life being on the rocks both at home and romantically speaking, I haven’t quite found the time or chance to actually sit down and think about my life. I’m already beyond midterms, like, how the HELL has that even happen?! I mean, I’ve managed to pull out on top with midterms, A’s and high B’s. I’m a bit mad about the B on my midterm paper for Asian Politics, not because my grade dropped below an A, because it didn’t, but because the reason I got a B was because I was pulled away from working on it by the Boy I was seeing who has done a 180 in the past two weeks of being clingy to now wanting almost nothing to do with me. Which is fine, whatever, I don’t really care. I just don’t understand why my generation has such a struggle with communication.

I understand we are the generation who grew up with AOL Instant Messenger, MySpace, Facebook, Cell Phones, etc. However, weren’t all of these communication forms intended to enhance our communication skills as opposed to hinder them to the point where we are completely inept with communication how we feel and what we want to another person. It seems as though a vast majority of my generation–the Millennials, Millennial Generation, or Generation Y if that’s your fancy–is completely incapable of communicating on any level beyond a surface small talk level of “sup” “dtf?” “ttyl” and so on.

We already know about how us Millennials have lost the art of letter writing, because why write a letter if we can just text you or tweet you in 160 characters or less? However, the reason we should go back to this lost art of letter writing is simple. We don’t actually communicate via any social network or text messaging.

The whole purpose behind this rant is self centered and hardly about my issues I hold against my fellow Millennials. The whole purpose behind me ranting is actually simply because I’m angry that a Boy I was seemingly getting close to, a Boy who had been opening up to me and I to him, a Boy who sleep trained me to be accustomed to sleeping in his bed by his side, cuts me off without explanation until I have to go into a drunken rage yelling at him over text (HashTag Generation Y Probz?) about how he is essentially, for a lack of better wording, an asshole. I eventually come to learn that he is “just not that into it anymore” no, that’s not it, that’s what he said first however he then changed to “it was all too much all the time. [he] need[s] it to go slower”. I’m sure I’m not the only one who could agree that if we were actually capable still of communicating our thoughts, I would have learned this two weeks prior to him ignoring me and blowing me off.

I don’t have a solution, I’m emptily ranting about the problems with my generation. I do know that there has to be some solution out there that can fix the epidemic of inadequate communication tactics that has taken over the Millennial Generation.



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